VIAVI Network performance

Enterprise-Wide Performance Visibility from Infrastructure to Applications.

Get To Know Your Network By Listening To Your Network!

If we summarise, you will agree when any system, service or application within the IT environment experiences problems, it is not immediately apparent what is at fault but THE NETWORK IS ALWAYS BLAMED!

Now your misery starts. You know chances are good its not the network but… The server team have their dashboards proving there is no issue, the application team are shrugging and pointing the problem right back at you!
So. Everyone has complete panoramic visibility into their environment and you the network engineer have to find the needle in the haystack- your complex network! You feel like you are the enemy. You need something to help you get the visibility you need.

Comprehensive Network Visibility

YES, the graphic above demonstrates the complexity of your IT infrastructure but it is merely the tip of the ice-berg. Lack of visibility leads to your misery.

Above you can see that you get visibility of before and after the VPN concentrator plus visibility of before and after your load balancer. So you get to understand exactly which server you are connecting with in the back-end. These are just two examples of many where VIAVI gives you more that standard Network Monitoring Solutions being used today.

First your teams will require a solid understanding of where slow response is being experienced with a simple score from 1 to 10, where 10 is best!

Lets briefly highlight some of the elements that lead to your complex environment creating your misery:

  • PC or BYOD
  • SD-WAN
  • NAT Routing
  • Virtual Environment
  • Cisco ACI or other
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Local & Remote networks
  • Switch port, router
  • Bi-directional VPN
  • Front to Back End Servers
  • Hyperconverged
  • VPN Concentrators
  • Cloud Environments
  • Firewall Policy
  • Load Balancer
  • Multiple Applications
  • Storage
  • Proxy

No! In relation to the complexity of your network it is relatively easy to get ultra clarity of your transactions. You get clarity by implementing “Observability” which:

  • Ecompasses true end-to-end visibility of all infrastructure elements whether it’s on-premise, cloud, hybrid-cloud or remote working
  • Helps determine application dependencies
  • Includes NetFlow, Packet Capture, SNMP, Syslog and more
  • The ability to Manage, Mitigate and Solve problems fast

Reduce “COMPLEX IT” to “SIMPLE GRAPHICS” – See How With Observer Apex, GigaStor & GigaFlow:

If this fits your particular challenges the following information sheets help summarise the VIAVI solution comprehensively. Please share them with your team.

To see the VIAVI ObserverOne single appliance which encompasses VIAVI Apex, GigaStor & GigaFlow see the following download.

With an influx of emerging technologies and the rapid rate of change, network managers need end-to-end insight and complete visibility from the physical infrastructure and storage to the network and newest applications.

Helping You “Visibly Score Slow Response” At Application, Server, Network & Client level

  • Stop the “finger pointing” in the War Room & get visibility
  • Make sense of your complex enterprise IT infrastructure
  • If It is “NOT THE NETWORK!” then get the evidence to prove it
  • Turn your teams uncertainty into a certain “We know what is happening”
  • Help your teams ensure that business applications are online, effective & delivering value
  • Give security teams the forensic ability to track any compromise & determine your posture
  • Know which department has to scramble NOW & FIX IT!

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