AWS Threat Exposure Management-Sentry

Avoid business disruption, let Observer Sentry reduce the threat of your AWS assets being exposed to compromise

See your AWS environment from an attackers perspective with full attack path visualisations. We answer the following questions you will have:

    • How does an attacker see my cloud environment?
    • Where are my cloud assets at risk?
    • Which paths can an attacker exploit?
    • What do I fix first?

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Visualise & prioritise risks within your AWS environment

VIAVI Observer Sentry AWS Threat Exposure Management solution analyses, models your threat exposure, and visualises your AWS (Amazon Web Services) and EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Services) environments helping you proactively determine where your cloud assets are at risk. You intuitively view  misconfigurations, overly permissive settings, and risky combinations of exposure paths and vulnerabilities. You can then specifically identify where to mitigate the risk of attack – prior to your organisation being compromised.

See your environment from the attacker’s perspective with smart attack path visualisations. Exposure path analysis and advanced graph theory algorithms identify relationships between otherwise siloed security findings to continuously visualise and prioritise critical security gaps to better secure your cloud stack and ensure your team is working efficiently.

AWS Threat Exposure Visualisation Diagram

Observer Sentry Features and Benefits Summary

  • Full Security Visibility. Sentry empowers your team with the comprehensive visibility needed to understand your cloud stack. By using an agent-less approach, you can continuously scan your environments simultaneously.
  • Attack and Exposure Path Management. See the end-to-end exposure and attack paths for VMs, services, storage, and containers within minutes. Identify unknown or undesired access to assets or environments in actionable context. Then quickly remediate, improving your cloud security posture.
  • Maximum security, minimal effort. Agentless technology puts the control back into the user’s hands. With minimal effort, your teams can scan your entire cloud environment, map and visualize your assets and their relationships.
  • Focus on risks that matter most. Detect, prioritize, and remediate critical exposure and attack paths with Observer Sentry. You continuously prioritise critical risks based on the analysis of misconfigurations, network exposure and vulnerabilities.

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