VIAVI- Threat Exposure Management

VIAVI now offers Threat Exposure Management for AWS

You hear many news articles of Cloud Providers being Hacked! If you are worried your AWS environment could be vulnerable, then read further.

Why Threat Exposure Management

You may be asking the following questions:

How does an attacker see my cloud environment?
Where are my cloud assets at risk?
Which paths can attackers exploit?
What do I prioritise first? 

These are questions unfortunately often asked after a major compromise. Whether this is true in your case or not, they are still critical to answer!

It has become a cliche but to “think like a hacker” you have to be able to see your environment like a hacker can. If you have cloud assets that are at risk you can only do something if you know what the risk is. If there is a vulnerability you will have to understand the path/s they can take. VIAVI Observer Sentry is agent less but provides you with invaluable visibility of your AWS environment VIAVI provides a scorecard helping you prioritise which exposed assets to remediate first.

VIAVI Observers SENTRY gives much more value when monitoring your AWS environment:

AWS Threat Exposure Management

Know Your AWS Threat Exposure

If this fits your particular challenges the following information sheets help summarise the VIAVI solution comprehensively. Please share them with your team.

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