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  • Ridge Security Awards Bitrate Fast Growth Distributor For 2023!

    Ridge Security Awards Bitrate Fast Growth Distributor For 2023!

    Bitrate – We are proud to be nominated for this award from Ridge Security i Thank you Ridge Security Technology Inc. for recognising BitRate (PTY) Ltd success with RidgeBot in Africa! Thank you to the team including Nick Mo, Lydia Zhang & Monserrat Enríquez ,also a big thanks to Dupreez Swart who has done many…

  • Next-Gen LinkRunner® AT Network and Cable Testers Unveiled by NetAlly

    Next-Gen LinkRunner® AT Network and Cable Testers Unveiled by NetAlly

    June 3, 2024 – Today at the Cisco Live! event, NetAlly announced the availability of its next-generation LinkRunner® AT network and cable testers, continuing a twenty-plus year legacy of innovative troubleshooting tools for network engineers and technicians. Please see the NetAlly news release at Next-Gen LinkRunner® We at Bitrate are excited to summarise how these…

  • CyberScope Edge Network Vulnerability Scanner

    CyberScope Edge Network Vulnerability Scanner

    Preventing business disruption due to attacks is not just about securing your data centres, it is about securing the network edge too! CyberScope Edge Network Vulnerability Scanner empowers you to quickly discover, identify, and test edge infrastructure and IoT, OT, and ICS devices, wired (Ethernet/Fiber) and WiFi networks, then assess cybersecurity posture against your policies.…

  • Network Observability

    Network Observability

    True Network Observability can only be achieved using metadata from your entire infrastructure including cloud. Avoid business disruption due to outages or cyber compromise You know it is difficult to visualise your entire IT environment. It is complex if you are a large enterprise. VIAVI is making enormous strides in bridging the network observability gap…

  • Cable Tester Alternatives

    Cable Tester Alternatives

    Maybe you are looking for alternative cable testers. Why? You would have various reasons which could include: Whatever the reason we believe there are some good options to consider across the spectrum. We have a tool that will cover most requirements that retails under R9000 excluding VAT. We have solutions that offer you everything in…

  • OTDR ST3200H Introduction

    OTDR ST3200H Introduction

    Senter’s new range of OTDR is worth looking at if you want accuracy, affordability, functionality in a rugged design. If you are finding the OTDR pricing a little much and you are normally concerned about the quality of the less costly OTDR’s. Senter’s new OTDR smashes both price and quality concerns. Have a look at…

  • Network Protocols Poster

    Network Protocols Poster

    If you want to understand network protocols within the OSI model, this Network Protocols Poster from VIAVI is the most comprehensive there is. We were discussing Network Protocols as a group at Bitrate and had to visualise it in OSI format. We came across this “forgotten” poster from VIAVI. It does such a great job.…

  • LAN connectivity Test Poster

    LAN connectivity Test Poster

    Bitrate is a proud NetAlly distributor and NetAlly has a super graphic of your common LAN connectivity problems Well, you know that testing Ethernet is more than just illuminating a link light. It’s making sure every link  is up to speed. That’s exactly what this handy poster offers. It covers the technical details of every aspect of…

  • NMAP your Wifi Tester

    NMAP your Wifi Tester

    If you are looking for the right solution for maintaining peak Ethernet Network, Wireless LAN and Application Performance you may want to consider NMAP testing to your handheld network test requirements. The award winning NetAlly EtherScope handheld network analyser includes Wifi Test, Survey, Network Discovery and problem resolution in a technology packed design fitting in…

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