Observer Apex takes the very technical data from GigaStore & Apex and presents it for business teams

Correlating the data from GigaStore & GigaFlow

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A single pane of glass collecting DPI & Flow Data!

Connecting to dots between deep packet inspection and Flow data helps correlate issues within your Network, Hybrid IT and Cyber Security.

End-User Experience Scoring

Apex removes the guesswork from assessing user satisfaction using patented analytics powered by machine learning to accurately measure all conversations. Each is scored between 0 to 10 using color coding and grading to represent performance from the user’s perspective taking into account unique environmental and application behavior to eliminate false positives.

Scores provide visibility into a single user’s experience or can be expanded to view groups of users defined by site, geolocation, or other constructs as needed. Apex takes this a step further by isolating the problem to the network, client, server, or application domain with easy-to-understand problem statements.

Determining application dependencies

On-demand application dependency mapping offers multi-tier service awareness, fast discovery of app interdependencies, and ad hoc rendering of maps visualizing these complex relationships with clarity. With a single mouse-click, Apex generates the entire map, and automatically pinpoints and highlights the worst connections so users can quickly assign troubleshooting priority.


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