VIAVI GigaFlow

Helping You Guarantee Business Continuity & Security Effectively

Today you are probably frustrated with the complexity of your network environment. It won’t just be PC, routers, switches and servers anymore!

Those were actually easy to monitor and manage. No! They now add Next Generation Firewalls, virtualisation, cloud, load balancers, SDWAN and so much more. Understanding the route your critical data takes has become complex. VIAVI Observer GigaFlow makes sense of it all.

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Making Sense Out Of Your IT Spaghetti!

When you start unpacking what is in your IT and Security environment you will note it looks like spaghetti. Making sense of it all when you are under pressure is what GigaFlow does!

How does GigaFlow Enriched Flow Work?

Without going into depth how NetFlow works, NetFlow essentially was designed to store records about a routers traffic, giving useful information about bandwidth between, who, what and which devices traffic flows. It has become more complex in that there are many more active devices or solution within our networks. GigaFlow ingests data from these and intuitively presents you with a means to make sense of the spaghetti. You now achieve order in a complex environment helping you get visibility for troubleshooting and adding very comprehensive Cyber Security tools for threat hunting.

Visibility For SecOps & NetOps

GigaFlow offers real-time and long-term historical perspectives of end-user and device as a function of underlying service health at every network traffic interface. The enriched flow records of GigaFlow dynamically capture all relevant data including time-stamp and location continuously over extended periods. Because of this, IT teams can navigate to a specific event or anomaly in the past to troubleshoot and solve the problem by answering who it impacted and when, where, and how the incident occurred.

This is particularly helpful for SecOps teams who can leverage this flow-based analysis to reduce the dwell time of the bad actor and speed incident response for breaches. Most breaches go undetected for extended periods of time – having the flow, infrastructure, device, host, and user data available for retrospective forensic analysis is critical for timely remediation of security incidents.

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