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Penetration testing As a Service – Your Data Centre – AWS – Cloud & XDR services

Penetration test automation
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Bitrate uses automated penetration testing software as a service. Contact us for a free demonstration.

Bitrate – Your Friend in “Penetration Test As A Service”

You wake up sprawled over your laptop. You hear yourself saying “The misery of this process is extremely tedious” . There is an avalanche of pen testing work you know is still coming. Those long hours doing the same process over & over are not what you expected. However you know it is very important for your organisation. At Bitrate we believe it does not have to be so tedious. Get Bitrate on you team.

Navigate through the following diagram if AWS Threat Exposure Management is concerning you.

Perhaps you are afraid of your next penetration test audit coming up! It can give you sleepless nights right? That cold feeling in your stomach expecting the worst is majorly awful! Bitrate can help you prepare.

Just to be sure you will be aware that a true penetration test should not be confused with a “Vulnerability Scan”, see the difference here. The one is a simple process of checking systems for “possible” vulnerabilities which gives many false positives, where true penetration testing involves 90% plus more work.

Consider XDR as a Service in order to monitor all your organisations security data sources

See more about VIAVI or RidgeBot directly on their page or see more on Bitrate pages VIAVI & RidgeBot

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