Vulnerability scan versus Penetration Test

Understanding the difference is important for you if you want the best possible outcomes of a compliance test or a test that you implement for peace of mind. A vulnerability scan is not even 10% of the work put into a Penetration Test. You don’t want to be scammed!

Simply put, see a vulnerability scan as finding an open window in an office. The penetration test establishes if someone can get through it! It may be secure because there is a security guard on the other side. Have a look at the video below to understand more…

Vulnerability Scan VS Penetration Test

See a simple video helping understand Vulnerability scan versus Penetration Test

Free Penetration Test

Adversary Cyber Emulation (ACE) or Breach Attack Simulation Helps Test Your Security Systems Against a Trusted Framework.

  • Successful Sensitive Data Exfiltration
  • Test Endpoint Security
  • Windows AD Policy Control
  • Continuous Measurement
  • Align with Mitre Att&ck Framework

Bitrate helps you with more than Penetration Testing:



Network Test

Robotic PenTest

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