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The Free Website Penetration Test from PurpleRidge helps you quickly test & get peace of mind! To register hit the “Free Pentest” button below and you will be taken to PurpleRidge Free Website penetration test registration page.

Get your free test now!

Free Penetration Test

If you however require a Comprehensive Penetration Test then read further as you can get:

  • Asset Profiling
  • Vulnerability Mining
  • Auto-Exploitation
  • Authenticated user testing
  • Post-Exploitation
  • Lateral Movement
  • Pentest Risk Control


Penetration Test Report OWASP by RidgeBot



Automated Robotic Penetration Test - Download Datasheet

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RidgeBot Automated PenTest is designed to help you implement a continuous PenTest strategy but if a Free Website Penetration Test PurpleRidge on your website is all you require, try PurpleRidge below!



Free penetration test purpleridge

So you have an opportunity to get a free penetration test – Why! Purple Ridge Website penetration test has not got all the functionality of RidgeBot. You get the basic test results but if you need the full report you still have to pay for the details.

Also please note the difference between a Vulnerability Scan and a Penetration Test here.

What differentiates RidgeBot is how it helps you!

Automated PenTest vs Traditional PenTest

The following reports & white-papers help you understand the value RidgeBot Automated Penetration Test gives you:


PoPIA compliance with automated penetration testing

OWASP TOP 10 A PenTest Approach

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