RidgeBot Adversary Cyber Emulation (ACE)

RidgeBot ACE to Measure Your Security Control Effectiveness

  • Endpoint Security– RidgeBot Botlet simulates the behavior of malicious software or downloads malware signatures to validate the security controls of the target endpoints.
  • Data Exfiltration – RidgeBot Botlet simulates the unauthorized movement of data from your server—for example, personal data, financial, confidential, software source codes, and more.
  • Active Directory Information Recon – RidgeBot Botlet simulates an attacker to gather useful resources in Windows Active Directory for elevated privilege, persist, and plundering information.

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RidgeBot Adversary Cyber Emulation is designed to help you implement a continuous test against your Cyber Security protection strategy

What differentiates RidgeBot is how it helps you!

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