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Your solution for scalable high traffic email security & Anti-Spam for Enterprises and ISP’s. The cost of running a comprehensive email security system is a challenge many organisations face today. Some solutions are high cost but you are using it or considering simply because compliance requires and you don’t want to risk your company reputation. It is a misery right? Well SpamTitan helps you get the security but at a more affordable price point.

SpamTitan – helping you protect your email, your users & your enterprise reputation

You wake up sprawled over your laptop. “The misery of email security is massive” you hear yourself saying. There is an avalanche of email that requires careful processing so that your enterprise exponentially reduces risk. The costs are prohibitive and you know that some vendors can’t process the emails fast enough or they have been compromised which is a huge headache. You ask “are there no other solutions?” There is and we believe we have that solution.

SpamTitan’s performance is externally validated each month and it consistently features as one of the best catch rates for Anti-Spam solutions from a host of market leaders. SpamTitan has a complete feature set that suits any size business as well as a whole range of features designed specifically for service providers who offer Antispam services to their customers.

Cloud or on-premise solutions are available to you or your customers. The setup is easy!

If you go the cloud based route the following applies

Quick, easy deployment, configuration and management.
  • Easy to get set up, simple to configure, up and running same day.
  • Low maintenance overhead, fully automated updating and end user spam management
  • Web interface that allows controlled access form the network and removes the need for client based management software.
  • LDAP, Dynamic and aliases file recipient verification
  • SASL authentication
  • Full version available in 11 languages
  • No Hardware required
  • No Operating System Requirements
  • No Software required

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SpamTitan Email Security by Bitrate

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