Firewall SG-6000-A1000

  • Firewall Throughput:-4 Gbps
  • NGFW Throughput:-1.5 Gbps
  • Threat Protection Throughput:-800 Mbps
  • Maximum Concurrent Sessions:-300,000
  • New Sessions/s :-48,000
  • IPS Throughput:-3.4 Gbps
  • AV Throughput:-1.8 Gbps
  • IPsec VPN Throughput:-2.5 Gbps
  • SSL Proxy Throughput:-250 Mbps
  • Virtual Systems (Default/Max) :-N/A
  • Firewall Policy Number :-4,000
  • SSL VPN Users (Default/Max) :-8/128
  • IPsec Tunnel Number :-2,000
  • Management Ports :-1 × Console Port, 2 × USB3.0 Port

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Maybe you want a competitive advantage or just the best firewall for your investment?

Deploying Cyber Security today is costly and the best of Gartner or any other research company is often not the best for you! It’s about looking for the critical functions you require,  getting them at the best possible price, so that you can deploy more levels of security as apposed to just a few levels of the “Rolls Royce” of Cyber Security. If you look around you often find there is little difference. The protection is the same.

Hillstone Networks is a real diamond in the Next Generation Firewall realm. Give us a call and we can arrange an online demo!

Advanced Threat Detection and Protection

The Hillstone A-Series NGFW includes a full arsenal of mechanisms to provide real-time detection and protection. This covers a spectrum of network attacks and malware. The A-Series incorporates anti-spam, cloud sandbox, botnet C&C protection, IPS, IP reputation, URL filtering, anti-virus and more. The system’s unified threat detection and analytics engine coordinates & correlates across all security mechanisms. This dramatically enhances performance efficiency while reducing network latency.

High-Performance Hardware Architecture

The  A-Series features compact form factor and a powerful computing foundation. Ensuring excellent application layer performance in meeting the real-world network security requirements. The A-Series NGFWs offers Single Pass Parallel Processing with robust performance for firewall throughput, concurrent and new sessions. You get rapid performance for the application layer which is critical in meeting the needs of current security environments. It also offers a user friendly software UI for ease of use and for third-party integration.

Smart and Efficient Policy Operation

The A-Series includes intelligent management and operation across the full policy stack, from deployment to management, optimisation and operation. The system features automated user policy deployment using RADIUS dynamic authorization with Zero Trust Network Access. Policy management is made far more efficient & simple through policy groups based on business requirements. In addition, policies can be aggregated to allow a set of policies to act as a single policy. Policy operation is made more efficient and precise through policy redundancy checks, which identify redundant policies for deactivation or deletion, and policy hit count analysis, that helps further refine and adjust policies


If you require SD-WAN, Hillstone Networks simplifies the process through centralised control and simple automated provisioning. An innovative policy assistant analyzes traffic patterns and recommends refined policies for faster, easier and more accurate policy management. .

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