Cyber Security Solutions

Next Generation Firewalls

If you are tired of looking for affordable but fantastic firewall technology we provide solutions that absolutely work the way you require and simplify the deployment and configuration process

Penetration Testing

Automated penetration testing helps you reduce unnecessary load but also adds different testing techniques to your repertoire helping you comprehensively test your environment much faster than you or your team can. It means you can spend time developing better security processes in our world of ever changing Cyber Threats

Anti-Spam & Email Security

Stop the misery of email phishing, spam, malware and Ransomware before you punch that hole in your laptop screen. SpamTitan is a great solution at an affordable price.

Anti-Phishing & Staff Cyber-Awareness training

Are you tired of your staff or users clicking on the wrong emails? If their behaviour is a problem then SafeTitan helps you change that. Interactive awareness training by video, quizzes and simulated phishing attacks gets them acutely aware they are making mistakes and that their behaviour is being monitored. It’s a big win for you and it improves your human firewall.

Cyber Security Services

Bitrate’s Cyber Security solutions cover several essentials. Cyber Security is not complete without the correct configuration and maintenance. We help you with detailed setup and continuous service improvement of your cyber security infrastructure

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