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An integrative cyber security strategy refers to a holistic approach to cyber security. It integrates multiple solutions and technologies into a single, cohesive system delivered on a centralised platform. This is combined with a comprehensive cyber security solution portfolio. The purpose of this strategy is to help CISO’s and cyber security teams improve their organisation’s cyber resilience by ensuring business continuity despite the challenges they confront.

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More about Integrative Cybersecurity
Coverage, Control and Consolidation are the core tenets of an integrative cybersecurity solution.

Coverage – The mandate of the modern enterprise is to use the technology and infrastructure it needs to grow and thrive. From containers to clouds, and servers to SaaS, an integrative cybersecurity approach offers complete coverage, regardless of the environment.

Control – Maintaining the security and performance of enterprise technology is an exhausting balancing act. The right solution for the business isn’t always the most recent or most-popular version of it, but it always needs to be secure. An integrative cybersecurity approach is adaptive and puts the enterprise in control.

Consolidation – Complex environments have attack surfaces that sprawl and edges that evaporate. Mitigating every attack vector with individual solutions creates opaque and siloed security operations that are both porous and inefficient. Integrative cybersecurity reduces complexity through consolidation. 

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