Fluke Networks MicroScanner PoE

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The Fluke Networks MicroScanner PoE offers:

  • Report PoE class (0-8)
  • Display network switch speeds capabilities up to 10G
  • Ethernet Alliance Certified to IEEE-802.3™ standards
  • You detect cable length, wiremap and distance to fault
  • No more frustration as you can locate and trace cable with toning (probe sold separately)

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Fluke Networks MicroScanner PoE

MicroScanner™ PoE helps you with the understanding of your PoE installations by providing swift and simple PoE verification.

The tester detects the available PoE class (0-8) in accordance to the latest PoE standards and displays the voltage from passive PoE sources. Everything you need to know, including available services (up to 10G Ethernet), cable length, wiremap, cable ID, and distance to fault are available on a bright LCD screen.

The Fluke Networks MicroScanner PoE has built-in IntelliTone digital and analog toning precisely locates virtually any cable or wire pair – even on active networks.

The ergonomic design features sleek rubber cover to enhance grip and ruggedness. The Fluke Networks MicroScanner PoE is quality you can rely on.

The MicroScanner PoE should be part of every cable installation teams tool box as it is light weight and super easy to use

Includes MicroScanner™ POE (Power over Ethernet) cable verifier with detachable wiremap adapter, getting started guide, 2 AA alkaline batteries, carry pouch, and one year warranty.

Note that The Microscanner is for verification purposes only. We have tools allow for reporting HERE and we also supply tools for certification purposes HERE.

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