Hillstone Networks A1100 Desktop OR Branch Next Generation Firewall


Starting at under R50 000 this powerful unit includes firewall throughput of 20Gbps & 800Mbps of Threat Protection at 300 000 max concurrent sessions. IPsec VPN throughput of 2.7 Gbps. High availability from A1000 upwards.

Hillstone Networks -Named, One Of The Top Five Network Firewalls According To Gartner Peer Insights 2021, 

Key features –

  • SD-WAN Ready, Zero Touch Provisioning, Zero Trust Network Access, Centralised Administration – Cloud or on-premise
  • This ML-Powered A1100 is a next-generation firewall featuring high security performance
  • Application Identification and control (through payload)  – irrespective of evasive techniques. Includes App-ID customisation
  • User Identification and Policy based Control (APP-ID & User-ID)
  • Internet & Bandwidth Control with Web & URL Filtering per user. Apply policy to TLS/SSL-encrypted traffic
  • Advanced threat detection and prevention with protection of corporate identity leakage through multi-factor authentication
  • Intuitive and automated policy configuration, includes “Single Pass Parallel Processing”
  • Large storage options offer better visibility and analytics
  • Sandbox featuring NSS labs best performing Sandbox (Lastline)

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The Hillstone A-Series NGFW offers complete, advanced defenses against known and unknown threats, coupled with smart, automated and efficient policy operation that makes security operations easy.

Advanced Threat Detection and Protection

The Hillstone A-Series NGFW includes a full arsenal of mechanisms to provide real-time detection and protection across a spectrum of network attacks and malwares. The A-Series incorporates anti-spam, cloud sandbox and botnet C&C protection, in addition to IPS, IP reputation, URL filtering, anti-virus, etc. The system’s unified threat detection and analytics engine coordinates across all security mechanisms to dramatically enhance efficiency while reducing network latency.

High-Performance Hardware Architecture

The future-ready A-Series features compact form factor and a powerful computing foundation that ensures excellent application layer performance in meeting the real-world network security needs. A-Series NGFWs offer robust performance for firewall throughput, concurrent and new sessions, and blazing fast performance for application layer, which is critical in meeting the needs of current security environments. It also offers a friendly software ecology for third-party integration to support additional security features if desired. All rackmount models feature front and rear ventilation to assist in heat dissipation, which is a concern in networks of almost any size.

Smart and Efficient Policy Operation

The A-Series includes intelligent management and operation across the full policy lifecycle, from deployment to management, optimization and operation. The system features automated user policy deployment using RADIUS dynamic authorization. Policy management is made far more efficient through policy groupings based on business requirements. In addition, policies can be aggregated to allow a set of policies to act as a single policy. An innovative policy assistant analyzes traffic patterns and recommends refined policies for faster, easier and more accurate policy management. Policy operation is made more efficient and precise through policy redundancy checks, which identify redundant policies for deactivation or deletion, and policy hit count analysis, that helps further refine and adjust policies.


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