Lan Connectivity Test Poster

LAN connectivity Test Poster

Bitrate is a proud NetAlly distributor and NetAlly has a super graphic of your common LAN connectivity problems

Well, you know that testing Ethernet is more than just illuminating a link light. It’s making sure every link  is up to speed. That’s exactly what this handy poster offers. It covers the technical details of every aspect of Ethernet connectivity, including cabling, speed and duplex settings, VLANs, DHCP, and Power over Ethernet. Download yours now and don’t forget to SHARE!

See six symptoms of network frustration and what the problem may be:

  • No link or intermittent
  • Slow Network
  • No power
  • Linking but slow service
  • No internet
  • Application is slow

Download your LAN connectivity Test Poster now.

Lan Connectivity Test Poster

Some of NetAlly’s LAN Connectivity Test Tools:

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