PRK 1PK-19382B Network Tool Kit

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  • 4 die set for crimping RJ-45/8P8C Modular plugs, BNC, TNC, F and Fiber optical connectors
  • Pro-Soft screwdriver set includes -SL3, -SL5, +PH#0,+PH#1, socket 5mm & 6mm
  • The Desoldering Pump
  • The 3 1/2 Compact Digital Multimeter
  • Rugged and Heavy duty aluminum tool case with 3 hinges, key lock and metal protective corner
  •  The upgrade tool kits has more unified CI, and the quick interchangeable ratcheting crimp frame exchange the die sits with no tools needed, the soldering iron has higher performance and low power consumption than original.


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  • Contents :
      • 1PK-125T: Fine tip straight tweezer
      • 1PK-258A: Side cutter 125mm
      • 1PK-258B: Long nose plier 138mm
      • 1PK-3003D11: RJ-45 Die set
      • 1PK-3003D12: RJ-11 Die set
      • 1PK-3003D15: RG-58, RG-59/62, BNC/TNC Die set
      • 1PK-3003D16: RJ-22 Die set
      • 1PK-3003D3: RG-58, RG-59/62 AU BNC/TNC Die set
      • CP-3005F: Quick interchangeable ratcheting crimp frame
      • 1PK-3171: Spring hook
      • 1PK-317N: Spring hook
      • DP-366P: Desoldering pump
      • 1PK-H026: Adjustable wrench 6″
      • SI-130B-20: Ceramic soldering iron 220V
      • 1PK-T406: Straight forceps 6″
      • 3PK-NT007: Multi-network cable tester
      • 608-330: Round cable cutter
      • CP-505: Universal stripping tool
      • 19400-M5/9408: (Nut) Pro-soft s/d 3/16″(inch) or 5mm(metric)
      • 19400-M6/9409: (Nut) Pro-soft s/d 1/4″(inch) or 6mm(metric)
      • 89401A: (Slotted) Pro-soft s/d 3.2x75mm
      • 89401B: (Phillips) Pro-soft s/d #0x75mm
      • 89402A: (Slotted) Pro-soft s/d 5.0x75mm
      • 89402B: (Phillips) Pro-soft s/d #1x75mm
      • 89407B: (Phillips) Pro-soft s/d #2x100mm
      • 8PK-031B: Desoldering wick
      • 8PK-3001D: Precision wire stripper
      • 8PK-3140N: Punch down tool with 110/66 blades
      • 8PK-CT001: UTP/STP cable stripper
      • 9SB-1007G: Mini-Purpose box
      • 908-607: Alignment Tool (200mm/2.0mm)
      • 9FL-005: Mini flash light
      • 9H002/9H002A: 7pcs folding type hex key set (inch) or (metric)
      • 9F075: Cable tie
      • 9PK-154B: Blowing brush
      • 9RJ-11-50: 6-Position 4 contact flat stranded (50pcs/bag)
      • 9RJ-22-50: 4-Position 4 contact flat stranded (50pcs/bag)
      • 9RJ-45-25: 8-Position 8 contact round stranded (25pcs/bag)
      • 9RJ-45PC: RJ-45 protection cap. (20pcs/bag)
      • 9S001: Solder core 63%, SN
      • 9SD055-EX: Extension blade 7″(175mm)
      • 9SD055N-6NA/9SD055-M3~M6: (Nut) Nut Blade 3mm, 4mm, 4.5mm, 5mm, 5.5mm, 6mm (Metric)
      • 9PK-3018SD: Super torque ratchet handle
      • 9SD055N-BIT: 8pcs screwdriver blades: (Phillips):#0, #1, #2 (Slotted):3, 5, 6mm (Torx):T10, T15
      • 9SD055-T6: (Torx):Driver blade T6
      • 9SD055-T7: (Torx):Driver blade T7
      • 9SD055-T8: (Torx):Driver blade T8
      • 9SD055-T9: (Torx):Driver blade T9
      • AS-611: Wrist strap 10FT
      • DK-2039: Utility knife (3 blades self loading)
      • DK-2040: Measuring tape 3M/10FT
      • DK-2047N: Electrician’s scissors
      • MS-391: Inspection mirror
      • 9PK-9382-P2: Pallet for 1PK-9382
      • 9PK-938-P: Pallet for 1PK-938 serious
      • 9PK-938-TP: Top pallet for 1PK-938 serious
      • TC-2004: Deluxe carry bag plus another three pallets
      Soldering voltage
      Case size (mm)
      Individual Packing
      Color Box

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