JR-SYS-2 JackRapid

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JR-SYS-2 JackRapid (for Systimax MGS400, MGS600, MFP420, MFP520)

  • Reduces installation time
  • Accurate, clean and consistent cuts and terminations
  • Eliminates user fatigue
  • Future proof
  • Wall-friendly
  • Get accurate terminations and clean, consistent cuts every time with the JackRapid Termination Tool.


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Introducing the new JackRapid, jack termination tool – the industry’s most innovative and time-saving termination tool. This patented tool seats and terminates all wires simul- taneously, with one squeeze of the ergonomic handle. Get accurate terminations and clean, consistent cuts every time.

JackRapid™ is a patented jack termination tool that saves time and increases accuracy by seating and terminating all wires at once with a simple squeeze of the handle. JackRapid allows you to terminate jacks eight times faster than traditional impact tools – with accuracy that’s unmatched.

The patented jack termination tool seats and terminates all wires simultaneously. The built-in blade cuts off the excess wire after it is seated in the connector, eliminating the need for a secondary trim step.

Simple, one-handed operation, with an ergonomically designed handle, reduces hand fatigue. With JackRapid, you’ll never punch into the palm of your hand or through drywall again.

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