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This FTTX KIT QUAD includes

  • The highly reliableS ignal Fire Ai9 splicing machine
  • AI-9 employs core alignment technology
  • Use your smart phone to control the splicing machine
  • Combo Includes, OPM, VFL, Cool toolbox, Free 4 in 1 Stripper & ST3200H-O Quad OTDR
  • More specifications below!



Signal Fire Ai9 Splicing machine includes:

  • 6 motors for positioning
  • Setup via smart phone
  • Cleaver
  • Free OFS – 4 Four in one Stripper
  • Training available
  • high quality practical toolbox,
  • Optical Power Meter and Visual Fault Locator
  • large set of accessories.

Splicing Machine Signal Fire aI9

The ST3200H-O is a full Quad OTDR with the Following Features:

  • ST3200H-O
  • 850nm /1300nm /1310nm /1550nm
  • Dynamic range 26/28/35/33
  • 1 m Event Blind Zone & 6 m ATT Blind zone.
  • Test Range: 100m/500m/1.25km/2.5km/5km/10km/20km/40km/80km/125km/260km/420km
  • Pulse Width 3ns/5ns/10ns/20ns/30ns/50ns/80ns/100ns/200ns/300ns/500ns/800ns/lus/2us/3us/5us/8us/10us/20us
  •  Touch Screen

OTDR - Senter ST3200H-A


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