Ai9 Tools & OTDR

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This combo includes

  • The highly reliableS ignal Fire Ai9 splicing machine
  • AI-9 employs core alignment technology
  • Use your smart phone to control the splicing machine
  • Combo Includes, OPM, VFL, Cool toolbox,  8 in 1 Stripper & Senter OTDR
  • More specifications below!
  • Please check “What is in the Toolbox” as this can change from time to time.



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Signal Fire Ai9 Splicing machine features:

  • 8 in one Stripper
  • Training available
  • Support and advice
  • 6 motors for fiber positioning,
  • core alignment or cladding alignment options,
  • AUTO mode option,
  • x300 magnification factor,
  • quad-core processor providing fast response times,
  • splicing time from 6 seconds (AI-9 – 5 seconds),
  • quick sleeve heating period (15 s for 40 mm sleeve),
  • configuration with dedicated smartphone app (Android/iOS),
  • the app can create operation reports (export to xls),
  • large (5.1”) display with adjustable brightness,
  • metal casing underneath covered with rubber layer,
  • high-capacity exchangeable battery (7800 mAh, ca. 200 splicing and heating operations
  • battery charging time: ca 3.5 h,
  • USB port for charging a smartphone,
  • universal fiber holders,
  • high quality practical toolbox,
  • Optical Power Meter and Visual Fault Locator
  • large set of accessories.

OTDR Features:

1. Expert OTDR: Professional measurement, curve/list/map are displayed simultaneously.

2. Auto OTDR: no complex settings, one key test.

3. OPM supports CW/270/330/1k/2kHz frequency identification.

4. VFL and LS can run in the background, multi task can be operated simultaneously.

5. LS supports CW/ modulation mode output with adjustable output power.

6. RJ45 cable tracker of digital radar, stronger anti-jamming ability.

7. Auto OTDR, expert OTDR, event map, OPM, LS, VFL,RJ45 cable sequence, RJ45 cable tracker, RJ45 cable sequence, RJ45 cable length, end face detection, flash light optical loss test.

8. RJ45 cable sequence, cable length test, up to 300m.

9. One click screen capture, easy to save the interface.

10. Supports ILOM.

11. Support SC/APC



Signal Fire AI9 - what's in the toolbox



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