CyberScope Edge Network Vulnerability Scanner

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Preventing business disruption due to attacks is not just about securing your data centres, it is about securing the network edge too! CyberScope Edge Network Vulnerability Scanner empowers you to quickly discover, identify, and test edge infrastructure and IoT, OT, and ICS devices, wired (Ethernet/Fiber) and WiFi networks, then assess cybersecurity posture against your policies. You can generate reports and perform ongoing monitoring—all without deploying agents.

  • Validate edge infrastructure hardening, including wireless access point security
  • Verify secure baselines, rapidly identify deviations
  • Confirm wired and WiFi security
  • Automate network discovery and vulnerability scanning
  • Maps to key CIS Critical Security Controls / NIST Cybersecurity Framework Core Functions

CyberScope is the world’s first handheld cyber security analyser, it has capabilities tailored to cybersecurity teams, enabling them to perform comprehensive site security assessment, analysis, and reporting. By tightly integrating Nmap into an ergonomic handheld tool. CyberScope becomes the perfect solution for securing campus & site networks, reducing business risks like outage or loss of reputation.

Don’t forget your network edge, the misery of knowing that compromise can be avoided will haunt you. You don’t know what you don’t know! The CyberScope series helps you quickly determine if there are vulnerabilities, so take it where ever you go in your enterprise network and compare your results to what you found last time you were there.

CyberScope Edge Network Vulnerability Scanner

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