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If You Are Experiencing High Penetration Testing Load Or You Want To Implement A Continuous Penetration Testing Strategy, RidgeBot -Ridge Security Is Ready To Help.

Ridge Security’s -RidgeBot, Your Friend in Automated Penetration Test 

A Continuous PenTest Strategy is Best!

Whether you are technical or part of management if you know the penetration testing load is getting too much or your assets are not pen tested enough then RidgeBot – Ridge Security can be an indispensable tool for your team. 

Take note; RidgeBot works best for enterprises with many attack surfaces and a serious approach to cyber security. RidgeBot is not a once-off-use solution. RidgeBot becomes part of your overall Cyber Security strategy to reduce load but increase the number of pen tests you do. Testing once a year cannot be a wise strategy in todays world of extreme and continuous malicious activity.

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It is not RidgeBot but if you want peace of mind that there is nothing seriously wrong with your Domain have a look at our intro page.

Note that RidgeBot is also perfect to help you prepare for an upcoming Cyber Security Audit.

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