Thumper-Cable Fault locator ZC-700A2

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Thumper-Cable Fault locator ZC-700A2 allows you to test cable using a high voltage arc. Do an earth test for high & low resistance, short circuit, cable break, poor contact. The following is included:

  • Main unit with 12,1 inch industrial LCD
  • 400W High Voltage Source
  • 35KV/4uF capacitor
  • Cable path Finder and cable fault locator

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1. The Thumper-Cable Fault locator ZC-700A2 is Multi functional, safe, fast and accurate. It uses LV impulse method and HV flashover methods to test, it can test many kinds of fault of the cable, if equipped with sound locator, it  accurately determines the position of the fault.
2. High precision, adopts high-speed sampling technique, A/D sampling speed is 100MHz, resolution is 1m, detection blind area is 1m.
3. High degree of intelligence, test results auto displayed by LCD.
4. Can store and review the waveform and parameters
5. Dual display to compare the measured waveform and normal waveform of the cable fault
6. With function of wave form expansion ratio, changes the proportion of the waveform, expand the waveform to test.
7. Directly display the distance or relative distance between fault point and measured point.
8. Can modify the propagation speed according different measured cable.
9. Portable design , small in volume , with rechargeable battery, easy to carry and operate.

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