• Measuring the distortion factor
  • Intuitive user menu
  • Energy dosing with built-in current source
  • Measuring mechanical meter and electric meter
  • Measuring frequency, phase shift and power factor
  • Automatic operation without need of an external PC
  • Easy verification and analysis of meter installations
  • Especially configured USB stick for storage of customer data
  • Testing all kinds of energy meter in 1P2W, 1P3W, 3P3W, 3P4W
  • Harmonic spectrum analysis for voltage and current up to the 63nd order
  • Power and energy measurements for active, reactive and apparent power
  • Vector diagram display and phase sequence indication on integrated colored screen
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The GF302D1 three phase portable energy meter test equipment consists of an integrated three phase current source(up to 500V/120A or 500V/20A) and built-in three-phase electronic reference standard of accuracy 0.05%. Characteristic features of the GF302D1 are its wide measuring range, high accuracy and high tolerance to unwanted external influences. The equipment offers high functionality combined with an excellent menu guided operation via built-in keyboards and colored 7″ touch LCD-display. Voltage & current harmonics output from 2 to 63. This model portable meter test equipment can be programmable by PC, automatic generation of energy meter error test report.

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