•  Range switching automatically;
  •  Programmable by professional users;
  •  With RS232 interface, PC Software optional;
  •  Apply the 32 bit MPU + DSP + CPLD, powerful flexible;
  • Three channel voltage and three channel current output;
  • Display of vector diagram, Symbols according to IEC387;
  •  Software calibration, simple operation, stable and reliable;

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The GF303D electrical power calibrator can also be used to type test 0.1% to 2% energy meters. Choose the GF303D electrical power calibrator when you need the highest accuracy available for calibrating secondary standard meters, energy revenue meters and type test applications. The model GF303D three phase power source is electric AC voltage, current and power calibrator for calibration of power meters, power transducers, current meter, voltage meter and generally all kinds of power measuring devices. AC voltage, current, power functions have calibrated phase shift in frequency range from 40 Hz to 70Hz with resolution as good as 0.001 Hz. It have three channel voltage and three phase current independent output, any programmable setting, low phase shift, high stability 0.01%/1min, as standard three phase voltage source, three phase current source and three phase power source , is a high precision portable calibration tool in electrical laboratory.

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