Telephone Test Set TP09D

R7 600,00 VAT Excluded

  • Big high resolution graphic display
    with backlight
  • Drop proof 20 feet on concrete
  • Waterproof
  • Caller ID (CLIP) with name, date and
    other information
  • Message waiting information, MWI
  • DTMF-decoding 48 digits (digit grabbing)
  • Direct access function button for Flash
  •  Pulse- and tone-dialing
  •  Displays up to 48 digits
  •  10 memory speed dialing
    (24 digits each)
  •  Outgoing and incoming Last Number
  •  High and low voltage detect and lockout
  •  DSL and data protected with lockout
  •  High impedance Monitor
    > 500 kOhm/100 kHz

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TP09D comes with a high resolution backlight graphic LCD. This
guarantees perfect visibility in any environment. This and features
like Caller ID, Message waiting and DSL signal level makes this test
set to the EVERY DAY COMPANION of each technician. Plus –
TP09D is rugged and waterproof, protected against 20ft drop.
High Impedance
TP09D has a high impedance in OFF HOOK as well in MONITOR mode
for all kind of data signals, including DSL.
Voltage lockout
The TP09D has a Voltage Lockout feature that protects the unit and data
Mode – MWI – CID
In Ring Mode the unit is waiting for an incoming call. If a CID message is
received, the TP09D decodes single and multi CID messages.
Monitor Mode – DTMF decoding
Monitor Mode is used to listen into lines without disrupting services.
Line Monitor is a high impedance, amplified monitor. In this mode the
unit can also receive and display DTMF signals. Any received DTMF
sequence will be decodet and shown in the display. There is room for up
to 48 digits without scrolling.The impedance is over 100 kOhms up to
100 kHz.
Talk Mode
Answer incoming calls or place outside calls.
Adjusting Volume
Press the blue VOL+ and VOL- button on the second keypad
Direct Dialing or Memory Dialing
There are two ways to dial a number:
1. Use the keypad to directly dial the number.
2. Use memory dialing. There are 10 memory locations, 24 digits each
Last Number Redial
The last three dialed numbers are stored and selectable
Caller ID Recall
Caller ID Recall (CID RCL) is the stored incoming Caller ID with
number, name and time. The last three numbers are stored and
Is easy accessable by pressing the direct button. The most common
FLASH times 100, 270 or 600 ms are preselectable in the menu setup .

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