• Clamp resistance range: 0.01-2000 ohms
  • Three-four-wire method range 0.00Ω-30kΩ
  • Soil resistivity range 0.00Ω-9999kΩm
  • Ground voltage range 0-600V AC
  • USB Data upload function
  • Bluetooth communication
  • 2.4inch touch color display
  • Real time clock function
  • Quick self-test function
  • Using fast filtering technology, strong anti-interference ability
  • This new design for clamp long life
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • 500 group storage

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The T-3730 ground pile clamp resistance tester uses 2.4-inch color screen design, with clamp resistance, three or four wire resistance, AC voltage, current measurement functions, and also has data storage, data access, alarm, automatic shutdown and other functions. The ground-pile clamp ground resistance tester is controlled by a microprocessor and can accurately detect ground resistance. It uses fast filtering technology to minimize interference. At the same time with data storage and data upload functions.

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