SINGLE PHASE relay test set

  • Power capicity 1000VA;
  • Timing accuracy 0.1ms;
  • It can test ac micro circuit breaker;
  • With AC/DC voltage meter from 0 to 600V;
  • The maximum output current: 0-150A or 0-250A;
  • AC voltage output 0-250V, DC voltage output 0-300V;
  • With internal electronic timing of potential and contact;
  • Equipped with LCD digital AC/DC amp meter from 0 to 6A;
  • It has a single phase AC or DC current source
  • Short circuit, overload and over range protection
  • Integrated kit design with multiple functions, and portable

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TEST-750 single phase relay test set is a high performance portable relay test unit with simple operation. It is designed to test in the field. It is a robust microcomputer solution with the 32bit ARM chip control including LCD screen displaying single-phase protective relay test with voltage and current output timing.  It includes isolation, adjustable AC and DC voltage, AC direct current, an adjustable DC & AC voltage. The output circuit has double overload protection, high output capacity.  The equipment is suitable for a variety of relay field calibration and performance test scenarios. This model of relay test set is ideal for power engineering companies to test over-current and over-voltage relay.

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