• 4-quadrant energy measurement;
  • Easy and user friendly operation;
  • Testing of energy and power registers;
  • Micro-multifunction smart optical sampler;
  • Unique long-term and temperature stability;
  • One screen displays all the measured parameters;
  • Displayed by colorful and 2.8 inch touch TFT LCD;
  • The AAA Li-battery can work 20 hours continuously;
  • Oscilloscope function display current & current wave;
  • Automatically record and save 1000 groups calibrate data;
  • 16 bit high accuracy AD switch 32 bit ARM processor core;
  • The current clamp and reference meter Integration design;
  • Manually/automatically test electric single phase kWh meters;
  • Manually/automatically test inductive single phase kWh meters;
  • Testing of electricity meter error installations with single-phase 2-wire;
  • With wide voltage measuring range 0 -300V and current measuring range 0.001-120A;
  • Testing parameters: active power, phase angle of voltage/current and frequency etc;
  • The current clamp has automatic compensation and calibration function with accuracy class 0.2%;
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The GF112B Single Phase kWh Meter Calibrator is suitable to test various types single phase kWh meters error on site – including single phase electronic meter, single phase mechanical energy meter. and also it can be used to test alternating current parameters – U, I, P, Q, S ,F, E etc.
The GF112B single phase working standard is distinguished by its exemplary combination of functionality and design. It is offering optimal ergonomics and functionality combined with an excellent menu guided operation via built-in touch-keys and a 2.8 inch TFT color touch LCD-display. Weight lightest, dimension small, measurement stability. It is one of the best single phase electricity test unit on site for testing single phase energy meter accuracy with 1P2W.

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