Single Phase Energy Meter Tester

  • Rotary field indication;
  • Vector diagram display;
  • External thermal-printer;
  • 4-quadrant measurement;
  • Display of vector diagram;
  • Energy meter counters testing;
  • Testing of energy and power registers;
  • Testing of 1P2W electricity meter error;
  • Testing of 1P2W inductive energy meter error;
  • Testing of 1P2W mechanical energy meter error;
  • Oscilloscope function display current & current wave;
  • Frequency, phase angle and power factor measurement;
  • Harmonic analysis for voltage and current up to the 63th harmonics;
  • Power and energy measurement of active, reactive and apparent energy;
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GF112D is a single-phase handheld electronic meter with accuracy class 0.1 or 0.2. You can use it for testing single phase electricity meters errors in the field. It has a wide measurement range from 1mA to 120A and 0 to 300V. It will also  test alternating current parameters – voltage, current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, harmonics, phase angle, power factor, frequency, energy etc.

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