L-3P non-contact phase rotation tester is a major breakthrough in traditional phase rotation detection. The traditional phase rotation test must be wired in. This phase rotation meter uses clamp-type non-contact inductive measurement

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The L-3P does not need to be wired in and does not need to touch the high voltage exposed live wires. It can directly detect the phase rotation by connecting the three induction high-insulation clamps onto the live wire insulation sheath. It is safe and reliable, and is widely used in electric power, communication, meteorology, railway, oil field, construction, measurement, scientific research and teaching units, industrial and mining enterprises and other fields. A tone indicates the normal or reverse phase state of the phase rotation of the three-phase power supply.



Electrical parameters
Power 9V battery, continuous use time is about 70 hours.
Measure mode Non-contact clipping method
Wire position The measured wire is in the center of the jaw
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz Automatic Identification
Live electricity range AC 70-4000V, 45-65Hz(Sine wave continuous input), Conducted electrostatic detection
Measuring the highest voltage AC 4000V
Clamp wire size Outside diameter ø1.5mm-ø48mm
Display [Positive phase] 4pcs phase detector lights are turned on in a clockwise direction;
[Reverse phase] 4pcs phase detection lights are turned on counterclockwise;
[Live electricity] L1, L2, L3 lights in the voltage setting range;
[Lack of phase] L1 or L2 or L3 lights are not lit;
[Open circuit] L1 or L2 or L3 lights are not lit;
Beep [Positive phase] The instrument emits intermittent short beep;
[Reverse phase]The instrument emits a continuous long beep.
Battery check After the power is turned on, the power indicator is on; the battery is low; the low battery lamp is on.
Clamp lead length 0.6m
Automatic shut-down After about 6 minutes of power on, the meter automatically shuts down to reduce battery consumption.
Battery voltage When the battery voltage drops to about 5.2V, the battery voltage is low symbol to remind to replace the battery
Maximum rated power 300mVA
Insulation strength 3.7kVrms
Protection level IP65
Suitable for Safety Regulations EN61010-1:2001, EN61010-031:2002, pollution grade 2, CAT Ⅲ(600V), Instant overvoltage 6000V.
Mechanical parameters
Dimensions 117.6mm× 81mm×25mm (L ×W ×T )
Weight (g) 260 (with battery)
Environmental conditions
Operating Temperature -15°C to +55°C
Storage Temperature -20°C to +65°C
Relative humidity 0%-95% RH

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