NetAlly EtherScope EXG-300-KIT

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It is not always the NETWORK! You can prove it with the Etherscope EXG-300

NetAlly’s new Etherscope nXG is a life saver when deploying and maintaining Wi-Fi and wired network infrastructure.

The EXG-300-KIT includes

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  • You can test and verify copper, fibre and Wireless LAN upto Wifi 6 & 6E
  • Verify up to 10G speed, to SFP, iPerf & other NetAlly tools
  • Validate Wi-Fi network performance and perform surveys with AirMapper
  • Get automatically updated topology maps of your network
  • You can create and upload reports in the field to free LinkLive cloud
  • Discover all your switches & routers and easily find configuration errors
  • Discover all your access points and understand which ones are affected by interference
  • Find rogue access points quickly and track them down.
  • Your team does not have to purchase multiple testers or carry a fragile laptop PC in the field
  • On board apps make your workflows more efficient, by expanding the usage of the instrument beyond testing.
  • Get on top of your network problems fast so you can get to the next project, time is money!


Introducing the EtherScope™ nXG
Multi-technology, all-in-one handheld network tester that enables engineers and technicians to get more done faster, from deployment to maintenance and documentation of their ever-changing Wi-Fi and Wired Ethernet access networks.

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