Major Tech MT1875 6-In-1 Environmental Multimeter

  • CAT IV 600V and CAT III 1000V
  • 6-in-1 multifunction meter with environment measurement
  • AC and DC Voltage 600V
  • AC and DC Current 10A
  • Resistance 40Mꭥ
  • Frequency 10MHz
  • Capacitance 100µF
  • K-Type Temperature -20 to 750˚C
  • Duty Cycle 99.9%
  • LUX Meter measurement to 40,000 lux
  • Indoor: Humidity range from 25% to 95% RH (0.1%)
  • Indoor: Temperature from -20°C to 50°C
  • Sound level measurement to 110dB
  • Continuity Buzzer and Diode Test
  • Non-contact voltage detector
  • 4000 Count digital display with backlight
  • Data hold and relative function

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The MT1875 is a 6-in-1 Digital Multimeter with Environmental Measurement. It has been designed to combine the functions of Sound Level, Light Meter, Humidity, Temperature and non contact voltage detector all in one meter. Sound level can be used in factories, schools, offices and homes, checking acoustics of studios, auditoriums and hi-fi installations. Light meter is fully cosine corrected for the angular incidence of light. Temperature is measured via a K-Type thermocouple. The DMM function includes AC volt, DC volt, AC current, DC current, Resistance, Capacitance, Frequency and Duty Cycle.

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