MEGGER MTR105 Rotating Machine Tester

  • Full colour graphic display
  • Three-phase insulation resistance
  • Temperature correction for insulation resistance
  • Guard terminal
  • DLRO four-wire Kelvin
  • Continuity and diode test
  • Motor direction of rotation
  • Capacitance and inductance
  • CAT III 600 V up to 3000 m
  • Environmental protection to IP54

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The MTR105 rotating machine tester is a dedicated static motor tester with Megger’s tried and trusted suite of insulation resistance tests (IR), plus all the great traditional features and reliability of Megger’s testers.

The MTR105 takes the test abilities of Megger’s proven IR test instruments adding DLRO four wire Kelvin low resistance test, inductance, and capacitance tests to provide a versatile motor tester, all packaged in a robust handheld instrument. Additionally, the MTR105 incorporates temperature measurement and compensation (for IR tests), motor direction of rotation, and supply phase rotation tests.

What’s more, the MTR105 has been designed to be exceptionally safe to use. The fast detecting circuitry reduces the likelihood of damage to the instrument if accidentally connected to live circuits or across phases.

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