Megger MJ15 Analog 5 kV Insulation Tester, Hand-Cranked and Battery-Powered

  • Operates at four output test voltages to 5 kV
  • Resilient mounted analog scale provides robustness
  • Voltage range to 600 V indicates auto discharge
  • Pass/fail overlays allow for rapid testing
  • Single scale for insulation values helps prevent operator error
  • Dual power supply: hand-cranked generator or eight AA batteries
  • Unique scale overlay for pass/fail bands
  • Range down to 100 kiloohms ideal for go/no go testing
  • Safety recessed terminals and long connectors
  • Light weight and rugged construction
  • CE marked and meets IEC1010 safety specification

The Megger MJ15 (6410-920) is a compact 5 kV insulation tester. It is very simple to use and provides a quick and accurate reading of insulation resistance. The instrument uses an analog display with a maximum reading of 20 Gigaohms. Four test voltages are available at 500 V, 1 kV, 2.5 kV and 5 kV

The MJ15 is supplied with a hand cranked generator as well as batteries. If the test button is pressed the MJ15 uses battery power. Otherwise the crank handle is turned to save battery power which helps when the batteries are flat.

A bezel on the MJ15 allows a scale plate overlay to be added with pass/fail bands for go/no go testing. This is particularly useful for less experienced users and enables a rapid decision to be made.

The MJ15 Insulation Tester is built into a rugged case designed for outdoor use. Safety terminals suitable for locking connectors are used for connection to the test piece. An automatic discharge circuit eliminates the voltage on capacitive loads after a test. The decaying voltage can also be viewed on the scale.

The MJ15 meets the IEC1010 safety specification and EMC specifications, and it is fully CE marked.

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