Megger EZ-Thump

  • Dual stage 500 J surge energy at 1.5 kV and 3.0 kV EZ-Thump 3kV only
  • Single stage 500 J surge energy at 4.0 kV EZ-Thump 4kV only
  • F-OHM HV interlock to ensure safe earthing
  • Battery and AC line operation
  • Automatic end-of-cable and fault locating
  • Transflective color display
  • ARM pre-location
  • Fault pinpointing (thumping)

These instruments use the “Easy Go” test system, which is easy to operate, interprets the results, and requires minimal training to find faults. On-board is a TDR with a 7.6 km range and arc reflection at 3 or 4 kV respectively for pre-locating. For pinpointing, the EZ-Thump offers a surge energy of 500 J, at 1.5 and 3 kV or 4 kV respectively, DC testing for breakdown detection, and insulation resistance measurement.

This EZ-Thump series is also able to perform sheath fault testing and sheath fault location.

The units can be operated from the mains or using their internal battery. They can fit in the boot of a car, making them ideal for a flexible rapid response fault finding strategy.

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