Megger DLRO10

  • Accurate results in under three seconds
  • Auto current reversal cancels standing emfs
  • Fuse protected to 600 V
  • NiMH battery reduces weight
  • Automatically detects continuity in potential and current connections
  • Visible warning of high voltages present at the terminals and also for current flowing in the test sample
  • Multiple operating modes including fully automatic
  • Interchangeable test lead terminations

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The DLRO10 A digital low resistance micro-ohmmeter brings new standards to low resistance measurement (also known as the Megger ‘Ducter™’ test). It’s a fully automatic instrument, selecting the most suitable test current, up to 10 A DC, to measure resistance from 0.1 µΩ to 2000 Ω on one of seven ranges.

The DLRO10 uses a large, bright 4.5-digit LED display visible under all lighting conditions and help reduce errors in reading results.

The instrument is built into a strong, lightweight case that is equally at home in the field or in the laboratory and is light enough to be worn around the neck, enabling you to take it into areas which were previously too small to access.

To ensure you are able to choose the best test leads to suit their application, the DLRO10 may be purchased in one of two packages. The first option is supplied with a pair of duplex handspikes with 1.2 m (4 ft) leads, the second option is supplied without test leads to allow customers to order exactly the test leads they require from the accessory list.

The instruments are supplied as standard with a Lithium Ion battery pack. The battery packs are interchangeable so that an exhausted battery may be recharged using the external charger supplied while testing continues using a spare pack. Although full charging will take 4 hours, a fast charge mode allows the battery to be 90 % charged within 2 1/2 hours from a 12 V battery or from a standard 120/230 V AC supply via the supplied charger. The battery pack contains its own battery state indicator, which allows the charge state to be monitored, even without being connected to the instrument.

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