Megger digiPHONE+2

  • Acoustic-magnetic cable fault location
  • Highest acoustic noise immunity
  • Automatic filtering of interference signals
  • Automatic adjustment of all parameters, no adjustment necessary
  • Optional: Bluetooth® headphones
  • Optional: step voltage location (NT Set)
  • Optional: cable tracing (NTRX Set)


The new digiPHONE+2 enables you to use a combination of different methods for efficient noise dampening, giving you perfect acoustics so you can hear only the fault noise.

The features of the digiPHONE+ 2 series:

  • BNR (Background Noise Reduction): New, intelligent BNR technology with filtering and background noise suppression produces an undisturbed acoustic experience, only sending the fault sound to your ears.
  • APM (Automatic Proximity Mute): When the sensor handle is approached, the sound stops before the hand touches the handle – no cracking, no banging. After the sensor has been put down again, a short delay ensures that the digiPHONE+ 2 sensor is standing stable and possible mechanical oscillations have ceased before the headset is activated.
  • Cable compass: For visualisation of the route, this feature keeps you safely on the cable. The compass not only indicates whether you are left or right of the cable, but also in which angle the cable runs to the sensor.
  • Fault arrow: Indicates in which direction the fault is present. The fault distance can optionally be defined in milliseconds, meters, or feet.
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