Industrial Multimeter MT1882

  • CAT IV 600V and CAT III 1000V
  • IP67 Dust & waterproof with O-ring sealed casing.
  • Variable Frequency Drive
  • AC and DC Voltage 1000V
  • AC and DC Current 10A
  • AC VFD Voltage 600V
  • Resistance 60MOhm
  • Capacitance 4000μF
  • Frequency 9.999MHz
  • Temperature -200°C to 1300°C
  • Duty Cycle 99.9%
  • Relative mode
  • 6000 Count LCD display
  • 61 segments analogue bargraph
  • Non-contact voltage detector above 110V AC, LCD turns red.
  • Blue back light for dimly lit areas
  • Auto range with manual override
  • MIN / MAX / Data hold
  • Full ranges protection & Auto power off
  • Overmould rubber housing & Integrated test lead holder

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The MT1882 is a 1000V AC/DC IP67 True RMS Multimeter especially designed for everyday use by HVAC technicians and electricians, whist offering voltage measuring ranges up to 1000V AC and DC and with useful measuring ranges of Temperature, Resistance, AC/DC Current, Capacitance and Frequency. NCV function, automatic Non-Contact voltage detection, the LCD backlight will glow red when AC voltage above 110V is sensed. The large 6000 count backlit LCD display with a 61 segment bargraph ensures that readings are easy to read under all circumstances. The meter has been designed that should a user turn the rotary switch in any direction whilst an input of up to 1000V AC/DC is applied to the meter, the meter will not get damaged. The meter has a double moulded rubber case with IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating, rugged design for heavy duty use.

Type K Temperature Probe
9V Battery
MT810 Test Leads
Instruction Manual

Optional Accessories
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MT680 K-Type Air Probe
MT682 K-Type Pipe Clamp Probe
MTMAG Magnetic Strip
MT685 K-Type General Purpose Probe
MT690 K-type Probe kit

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