KE2100 Time Domain Reflectometer

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  • Intuitive interface
  • Can be used with all types of cables: Double core, coax and power lines
  • Auto-Setup with just one click
  • Maximum cable length up to 16 km/90dB
  • Freeze function of the trace
  • Comparison of two measurements
  • Configurable cable database
  • Fast pulse for short dead zone
  • Indicates the distance to the fault in meters or feet Resolution 0.3 m
  • Graphic display with backlighting
  • Operation with 4 AA (LR6) batteries
  • Water-resistant and robust ABS housing
  • Management software included
  • Storage of measurements and data

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The KE2100 is a compact and handy TDR for fault location on all types of cables, two-wire lines, coax cables and power lines without (not live). It has a range of up to 16 km, depending on the cable type selected (-90 dB). Multiple output impedances are available in an automatic setup and the selectable speed factor meets all cable test requirements.

The KE2100 is easy to use with an AUTO selection option which ensures that the most effective parameters such as
impedance and length are selected depending on the desired range, allowing rapid analysis of the trace.

The instrument has two cursors, one for the absolute distance to the fault, the other for measuring the distance between
two events.

A trace HOLD function also allows the operator to „freeze“ a trace on the screen, which is functionality you don’t find often in handheld TDRs. This allows the frozen trace to be compared with a new second trace. The extra high resolution in combination with the white backlight gives the graphic display a high contrast and helps the user to identify important points on the trace.

With the included manager software, the cable database can be easily expanded and stored measurements can be checked. The manager also allows software updates to be downloaded to the KE2100

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