• The instrument stability 0.005%/min;
  • With 200A, 600A, 1000A calibration coil;
  • Meeting ISO17025 electrical laboratory standard;
  • High precision 0.05% AC/DC voltage source & current source;
  • Voltage and current range 0-1050VAC/DC and 0-24A AC/0-22A DC;
  • Because of light weight, this device is more suitable for field use;
  • With RS-232 interface, this calibrator is controlled by PC software(optional;
  • Automatic or manual inspection, and the results are processing and management;
  • Has a non-volatile memory, Storage 500groups of the test data, for access and upload;
  • With 1kHz, 5kHz, 10kHz, 50kHz, 100kHz, 200kHz, 1000kHz dot frequency square wave output;

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This GF6018A high precision multimeter calibrator is compliance with national verification regulation: JJG124-2005 “Ammeter, voltmeter, power meter and resistance meter verification rules” and related national standards. 0.05% single-phase standard AC/DC voltage and current source, can verify level 0.2 and the following AC/DC voltmeter, ammeter, frequency meter, resistance meter & clamp meter. The power source signals by using DSP and 16-bit high-speed A/D converters of controllable sine wave, the distorted wave signal source. It can as standard AC voltage and current source, also as standard DC voltage and current source. Multifunction calibrator GF6018A is designed as universal calibration tool for electrical calibration laboratories.

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