•  3-pole measurement;
  •  Testing Soil resistivity;
  •  Double clamp method;
  •  AC voltage measurement;
  •  Simple 2-pole measurement;
  •  Precise 4-pole measurement;
  • Measurement of earth voltage;
  •  Measure grounding resistance;
  •  AC leakage current measurement;

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T-3630E advanced multifunction earth ground resistance tester designed for the measurement of earth resistance, soil resistivity, earth voltage, leakage current of ground wire, AC current, DC resistance. Get precise tests with 4-pole, 3-pole and simple 2-pole method. Double clamp to measure ground resistance, for earth resistance measurement; large gap clamp design, used to measure the ground system which hast large-scale bus; can flexibly and precisely measure ground resistance in every complicated situations. For instance single point ground and ground mesh. With the T-3630E earth resistance tester is not necessary to disconnect any parallel connections when measuring parallel-grounding this is convenient when measuring.

Importing FFT and AFC technology, with a unique function of anti-interference capability to ensure high precision, high stability and reliability over prolonged measurements, which is widely used in electric power, telecommunications, meteorology, oil field, construction, lightning protection, industrial electrical equipment and other earth resistance, soil resistivity, earth voltage, AC voltage measurement.

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