• Resistance range: 0.01-1200 ohms
  • This new black screen design, high-end luxury
  • Ω+ A screen display
  • Real time clock function
  • Quick self-test function
  • Using fast filtering technology, strong anti-interference ability
  • This new design for clamp long life
  • This isolation USB technology, safe and reliable
  • Panel operation with 6 buttons
  • 500 group storage

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T-3720 earth clamp resistance tester is a ground resistance measurement clamp. It represents  Ω+A  and synchronously displays the ground resistance by induction. It does not need to measure the ground resistance in the loop. It is safe and fast to disconnect the earthing lead off line without auxiliary electrodes. It is widely used in telecommunications, electric power, meteorology, engine room, oil field, power distribution line, tower transmission line, gas station, factory grounding grid, lightning rod and so on. The instrument has the characteristics of accurate, fast, simple, stable and reliable.
Get accurate detection of ground resistance and leakage current. It can monitor data online through monitoring software, upload USB data to PC, and have unique functions such as numerical maintenance and intelligent alarm prompt.

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