•  Display of vector diagram
  •  2-31st Harmonics measurement
  •  Storage 5000 tests
  •  With software, export test report
  •  With bluetooth & USB communication port
  •  Automatic compensation for current clamp
  •  Unique long-term and temperature stability
  •  Measure U, I, P, Q, S, E, PF, frequency
  •  Wide measuring range 0 -600V /0.001-600A
  •  One screen displays all the measured parameters
  •  Oscilloscope function display current & current wave

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GF112P power meter is a high precision industrial handheld clamp on power meter in accuracy class 0.2, used for testing all electrical parameter and harmonics on site. Wide measurement range from up to 600A and 600V, and also can be used to test voltage, current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, harmonics, phase angle, power factor, frequency, energy etc. 2-31st harmonics measurement, clamp type industrial design, with 3.5inch touch TFT color LCD, bluetooth and USB. GF112P have become popular tools primarily for all kinds of electrical department.

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