Penetration Testing Services

Your solution to High Penetration Test Workload Or Preparation For An Upcoming PenTest Audit!

Penetration Testing Services

Bitrate Offers Automated Penetration testing services

Bitrate provides Penetration Testing Services

Perhaps you are afraid of your next penetration test audit coming up! It can give you sleepless nights right? That absolutely cold feeling in your stomach expecting the worst is majorly awful! Bitrate can help you prepare.

Just to be sure you will be aware that a true penetration test should not be confused with a “Vulnerability Scan”, see the difference here. The one is a simple process of checking systems for “possible” vulnerabilities which gives many false positives, where true penetration testing involves 90% plus more work.

We also help with Adversary Cyber Emulation (ACE) or Breach Attack Simulation

  • Successful Sensitive Data Exfiltration
  • Test Endpoint Security
  • Windows AD Policy Control
  • Continuous Measurement
  • Align with Mitre Att&ck Framework

We help you prepare for an upcoming Cyber Security Audit.

Bitrate helps you with more than Penetration Testing:
Firewall as a service
Network Auditing & troubleshooting
Wireless Analysis

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