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Buying a splicing machine is stressful. This is a a machine that determines the success of your projects! You also want to sweat the asset for many years!
We have found that this range of splicing machines offers the very best value for money with maybe 1 out of 500 sold coming with a problem. Buy Splicing Machine Solutions you can trust.

Please have a look at our combo solutions for further value solutions for you and your team.

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The key to signal fire’s success has been their very ergonomic case which features a chair, toolbox with stripper, cleaver, alcohol bottle and more, The case is super hard so that it can endure the rough environment of the African terrain. When you buy fusion splicer you want to know the battery is of utmost quality so you can get many splices out of a charge. The Cleaver is simple to use and is good for thousands of fibre preparations. The kit is incredible value.

Give us a call, having sold hundreds of these with very happy clients means we don’t worry about comebacks. It is such a please to involved with people that get massive returns from such a cost effective solution.

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We also provide combo solutions including a very versatile OTDR range designed for the team in the field. Rugged high quality at a very reasonable price. For FTTX, Data Centre, Singlemode, multimode or Quad. SEE MORE OF OUR RANGE HERE!

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We take care in choosing which solutions we select for our clients. The solutions must reduce total cost of ownership, add value to your business while being leading edge and credible in the market.

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